Just last week we celebrated 1000 startups registered in Estonia! In our semi-annual overview, half a year ago, we counted around 650 startups in Estonia. It seems like a crazy growth, right?

Truth is, that in addition to the fast growth of the sector, our means of collecting data have improved. After a year of development, roughly a month ago, we launched the new version of Estonian Startup Database.

In the process, we systematized and improved our data collecting methods and partnered up with Startup Includer for the back end of the database which led us to mapping out a lot of new startups. Besides that, we tracked 150 new startups founded in 2019 and 246 startups founded in 2018.

Few key facts:
  • Employment: 5944 jobs
  • Employment taxes  77M EUR (YoY +46%)
  • Total turnover 395,4M EUR
  • Total funding 298M EUR
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